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X Rocker Panther XL Corner Gaming Desk

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Product Overview

X Rocker Panther XL Corner Gaming Desk: What is it?

It’s an L-shaped desk designed specifically for gaming, but that’s also awesome for working from home. With the larger surface, this desk can support two monitors easier than a pro playing a Call of Duty level on Recruit difficulty.

About the product

The corner design fits into right corners and has cable grommets on the far edges. It also has cable routing mounts on the edges, helping you to keep your gaming space tidy and free from hanging cables.

It has strong steel legs and a melamine top with a carbon fibre effect. It also comes with a giant gaming mouse pad, offering a smooth-glide surface for ultra-precise gameplay.  

Why you should buy it

Do you know why everyone loves Star Wars? Because there’s so much space… And, that’s exactly why you’ll love this X Rocker Panther XL corner gaming desk!

  • X Rocker is in your corner with this gaming desk!
  • It’s a right-inclined L-shaped desk for gaming and office use
  • Has cable routing mounts at the back for a tidy desktop
  • Includes a giant, easy-glide mousepad for precision gaming
  • Has sturdy steel legs with a carbon fibre effect melamine top
  • Measures approx. 76 cm (H) x 150 cm (W) x 110 cm (D)