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X Rocker Monsoon RGB 4.1 Gaming Chair

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Product Overview

X Rocker Monsoon Light-up Gaming Chair: What is it?

It’s a super-comfortable, amazing looking chair designed specifically for gaming. It has built-in RGB LED lights, 4.1 sound, vibration motors for added immersion, and wireless connectivity!

About the product

The X Rocker Monsoon has Neo Motion RGB lighting to bring a futuristic feel to your gaming setup. These lights give a feeling of fluidity to your space and feature 30 programmable patterns, so you can find the look that’s perfect for you.

The Monsoon’s 4.1 sound comes from a subwoofer built into its backrest and four speakers in the sides of the headrest. The seat has vibration motors built into it, along with a dial to control the level, letting you really feel the feedback from your game or movie, or even your music. And, with thick padding, this chair is ideal for long gaming sessions.

This chair has wireless connectivity thanks to its included DAC transmitter. That means you can connect to your Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch easily, without any wires creating tripping hazards.

How is it powered?

It plugs into the mains using the included British Standard power adapter.

Why you should buy it

When you’re gaming, you want a chair that’s supremely comfortable. But, you also want a chair that’s going to put you right into the game, surrounding you with sound, feedback, and mood lighting. The X Rocker Monsoon ticks all those boxes while looking amazing!

  • It’s a dedicated gaming chair with LED lights and built-in sound!
  • With Neo Motion LED lighting to illuminate your setup
  • Has a 4.1 audio system with a subwoofer for deep bass
  • Includes tri-motor vibration for feedback during gaming, movies, or music
  • Connects via a wireless DAC transmitter
  • With deep padding for ultimate comfort
  • Measures approx. 105 cm (H) x 66 cm (W) x 82 cm (L)