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X Rocker Evo Pro 4.1 Audio Pedestal Gaming Chair

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Product Overview

There’s something about gaming and neon-style lighting. They just go together. So, if you want a chair that’s as serious about gaming as you are, you want it to light up like a Scorpion fatality from Mortal Kombat, right? Well, in that case, you’ll love this X Rocker Evo Pro 4.1 audio gaming chair!

Yep, this gaming chair has built-in LED piping around its edges that glows with a full rainbow range, making your gaming experiences more colourful than the language in Grand Theft Auto. And, speaking of… if you want to blast the language of GTA, or whatever game you’re playing, this chair has what you need.

Built into the rear of the backrest is 4.1 stereo sound, which will give you sound that’s super clear and richer than Lara Croft. And, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over cables, this X Rocker gaming chair has wireless sound, which comes with a transmitter for your console or PC.

As far as sitting goes, this chair is like the sidekick in an action movie – soft and supportive. It has comfy armrests and more padding than Rufus from Street Fighter 4. Oh, and it’s coated in faux leather that’s easy to wipe clean, so you can confidently snack without stressing over spills.

So, for a gaming chair that has bright lights and sound bites in its DNA, order this X Rocker Evo Pro 4.1 audio gaming chair today!

  • It’s a light-up gaming chair with built-in sound!
  • Has 4.1 stereo sound built into the backrest
  • Edge features LED piping with a rainbow colour range
  • With tri-motor vibration feedback
  • Has wireless connectivity with a transmitter for consoles and PC
  • Wipe-clean faux leather on a folding design
  • Measures approx. 108 cm (H) x 84 cm (L) x 64 cm (W)