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X Rocker Dual Rivals 2-Seater Gaming Chair

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Product Overview

Think about a gaming chair that seriously rocks. Now double that. That image that you’re left with, that’s the X Rocker Dual Rivals 2-seater gaming chair!

This gaming seat gives you double the chair for double the action! It’s essentially two X Rocker chairs pushed together, with a rounded, rocking base and arm rests on each side. It’s made of material that’s more durable than a suit of Fallout 4 Power Armour, and, in blue and red, it’s better looking than Destiny’s graphics.

But, that’s not all, this gaming chair can also be more immersive than a latest-gen RPG thanks to its built-in audio system, located conveniently in the headrest. Get 2.1 audio by plugging into your TV’s analogue audio ports, making this chair compatible with all consoles!

Perfect for 2-player gaming, this chair will go down in history as the starting place for some serious rivalries. So, to start making history right away, order your X Rocker Dual Rivals 2-seater gaming chair today!

  • It’s a 2-seater rocking gaming chair!
  • Headrest includes a 2.1 audio system with back-mounted subwoofer
  • Compatible with all consoles via analogue audio ports
  • Perfect for settling gaming rivalries… or starting them
  • Measures approx. 113 cm x 83 cm x 80 cm