Unagi Model One E500 Electric Scooter

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Unagi Model One E500 Electric Scooter at a Glance

• Maximum speed: 15.5mph

• Maximum range: 15.5 miles / 25km* 

• Powerful dual 250W motors

• Dual electronic anti-lock E-ABS brakes

• 7.5-inch maintenance free, puncture proof solid tyres

• Integrated high tech, intuitive dashboard

• Bright LED front light and rear blinking LED light 

• Fast, one click folding mechanism

*Actual range may vary depending on riding conditions


Premium Design

The Unagi Model One E500 is sleek and stylish in design weighing just 12kg and boast a range of top spec features.

The dual 250W motors optimized for performance, efficiency, responsiveness, and longevity, provide great power, allowing you to easily tackle hills up to a 15-degree incline.  


The magnesium alloy handlebar is an impressive piece of structural engineering. Integrated in the top bar are the intuitive controls of the dashboard - throttle, brake, horn, and LED headlight. No visible wires. No bulky console. Just a sleek, integrated command centre that connects the rider to the ride.

You can choose your preferred speed by selecting one of the 3 ride modes, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The scooter’s processor will remember your speed preferences, so you do not have to.


Ride Quality

By combining a singular piece of machined aluminium with embedded silicon on the top surface for traction, the scooter deck achieves an ideal combination of rigidity and comfort.

The Model One's wheels are made of puncture proof solid rubber, so they will never disrupt your journey. The air pockets spread throughout the circumference of the wheel act as a front and rear suspension system, providing the right amount of shock absorption for an all-round comfortable ride.

Confident Braking

Braking couldn't be smoother on the Unagi E500, with its ergonomically optimized lever engaging the dual electronic anti- lock brakes coupled with a classic foot brake, guarantees to bring you to a safe and steady stop.

With safe lighting, you’ll always be seen when you’re out riding your Unagi E500, the ultra-bright LED front lights and rear blinking brake light will ensure safe travel, even in low visibility conditions.


Please note that this scooter is not to be used on public highways, only on private property with the owner's consent.