Remote Control Cyklone Amphibian By Maisto

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Product Overview

So, you can’t decide if you want a remote controlled car or a boat? No problem, we have a vehicle that’s both. It’s this Maisto Cyklone Amphibian Remote Controlled Car!

This three wheeler has secret paddles built into the wheels. So, you can drive around on land, then hit the water, extend the paddles, and keep going! You can even do 360 degree flips when you’re in the water.

To power this awesome amphibian, you have a rechargeable battery built in. You can charge this from any USB port, with the USB charger included. Then, you just need 2 x AA batteries for the controller, but these are helpfully included.

So, if you’re ready to reign over the land and water, order this Maisto Cyklone Amphibian Remote Controlled Car now!

  • It’s a remote control car for land and water!
  • Has secret paddles in the wheels for water driving
  • Also pulls off 360 degree spins
  • Great fun for ages 5+
  • Measures approx. 25 cm long