RED5 LED Gaming Desk

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Product Overview

So, you’ve got game. But, do you have the right platform to show it off? You will once you have the RED5 Gaming Desk!

This specially designed gaming table looks amazing with its LED inlays giving you 6 colours to choose between, being blue, red, green, pink/purple, aqua, and yellow. Can’t choose? No problem you can set it to cycle through them in quick flash or slow pulse modes.

But, this gaming desk isn’t all looks. It has a sturdy Z-frame to support some serious gaming, and even has lipped edges so your tech doesn’t fly off the edges when the mouse starts swinging harder than the ‘60s. And, it has a cool carbon effect surface with cable routing holes at the top edges. It even comes with a giant gaming mouse mat for FREE.

So, to massively up your game, grab this RED5 Light-Up Gaming Desk now!

  • It’s a colour-changing LED gaming desk for amazing value!
  • Choose between 6 colours, or cycle through them all
  • With a solid Z-frame and carbon-fibre effect surface
  • Lipped edges so your tech doesn’t slip off
  • Includes a FREE RED5 Gaming mouse pad
  • Measures approx. 75 cm (H) x 117 cm (W) x 63 cm (D)