HuiNa RC Excavator 1:14

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Product Overview

If you dig, well, diggers, you’ll love the HuiNa RC Excavator!

A perfect replica of an actual HuiNa excavator, in 1:14 scale, this machine has some detail and is made from die cast alloy, making it super-sturdy. Plus, it’s a fully working radio-controlled vehicle!

Yep, it’s got realistic motion and control just like the full-size excavator. While you can’t fit in the cab, you can drive it around your house or garden from up to 100 metres away. And it even has working lights and sounds to make the experience more realistic.

This radio-controlled excavator is powered by a high-capacity, 400 mAh rechargeable battery. It charges via USB and only takes 120 minutes to reach full charge, which will give you an impressive 30 minutes (give or take) of run time!

Order your HuiNa 1/14 Scale Remote Control Excavator today. Can you dig it?

  • A 1/14 scale model of a genuine HuiNa excavator!
  • Radio controlled with 100-metre range
  • Die cast alloy cab and bucket with non-slip rubber treads
  • Included rechargeable battery with approx. 30 minutes run time
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries for controller (not included)
  • Measures approx. 55 cm x 13 cm x 16 cm