Deltaco RGB Ergonomic Gaming Chair In Black

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Product Overview

When you’re gaming, you need serious support. And, we’re not just talking about your mates congratulating you on a great shot in Warzone. We mean ergonomic support, which this Deltaco gaming chair has in spades!

Designed to support your body in all the right places, this rally-style gaming chair has perfectly placed padding and extra cushions for ergonomic support. And, so you can find the perfect position, it has an adjustable gas lift system, an adjustable back, and adjustable arm rests.

But, it’s not just about functionality. This gaming chair has a super cool RGB lighting system, with strip lights built in under the mesh around the edges. These LEDs can change between all the colours of the rainbow and can be set to a whopping 332 different colour modes using the included remote control. So, your gaming den is sure to look awesome. Oh, and it’s handily powered by USB (cable not included).

So, for a chair that’s as supportive as a true friend, order this Deltaco RGB Ergonomic Gaming Chair in black faux leather!

  • It’s a super-sleek LED gaming chair!
  • 332 different colour modes with remote control
  • With adjustable height, back, and armrests
  • Covered in wipe-clean faux leather
  • Perfect size for teens and adults