Deltaco Gaming Desk In White

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Product Overview

What’s the best gaming platform? One that’s sturdy, supportive, and importantly, comfortable… like this Deltaco Gaming Desk!

With a strong frame, this desk is up to the challenge of holding your PC monitors or gaming console. And, it has a cable routing hole and headphone hook for tidiness, plus a drinks holder to keep you refreshed while gaming or working. It even has rounded edges for ergonomic comfort.

With a super cool, white finish, this desk is great for modern gaming dens and home offices. Grab yours now!

  • It’s an amazing looking white gaming desk!
  • Ergonomic edges for comfort
  • With a cable routing hole for tidiness
  • Includes a drinks holder and headset hook
  • Measures approx. 75 cm (H) x 116 cm (W) x 75 cm (D)