BraZen Serpent 2.1 Bluetooth Gaming Chair

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Product Overview

The BraZen Serpent gaming chair is super-cushioned with padded armrests, making it amazingly comfortable for console gaming. And, it’s covered with wipe-clean PU in a cool red and black colour scheme.

It has built-in 2.1 surround sound that works with Bluetooth and 3.5 mm audio out devices! And, with side-mounted speakers, you’ll have an incredibly immersive experience when gaming or watching movies. 

Control the volume and bass from the control panel and connect to your devices via Bluetooth or wired connection. And, with a folding design, it’s easy to store away.

Up your game with the BraZen Serpent 2.1 Surround Sound Gaming Chair!

  • It’s an ergonomic gaming chair with built-in audio!
  • Features 2.1 surround sound with speakers in the sides of the backrest
  • Connect via Bluetooth or wired connection
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth and audio-out devices
  • Supremely cushioned with padded armrests
  • Pedestal base with swivelling motion
  • Measures approx. 104 cm x 69 cm x 68 cm