About Us

 Store Topia™ aims to provide the simplest customer experience by offering honest advice and support, enabling customers to advance in the tech industry.
Store Topia™ is a premium tech retailer based in Sussex. Our journey started in 2017 as a small eBay Store. We are focused on providing a personal, tailored service for all your tech needs.
 Store Topia is an Authorised DJI Reseller, we are always given the best deals and believe our customers should receive them too.
DJI Official Seller
 Next Day Delivery
Including Saturdays & Sundays
DPD delivery
   At Store Topia™ we want our customers to come back and recommend our products & services to friends & families. We achieve this by offering exceptional customer service always.
 Our variety of products cater for every need, from high end professional drones to your everyday gaming consoles. We understand that our customers don't want to speak to a generic call centre, they want to speak to staff with experience and expertise. Our team are trained to the highest standards.


 We hope you enjoy browsing our online store, you can get in touch for help and advice on the phone or email.